Leather is strong and easily shaped with easy movements. It also adapts to changes in temperature. All WHITE PAK leather products are manufactured from carefully selected leather with quality tanned to carefully tanned hides to ensure the highest possible durability and flexibility along with chrome-Free Processes.

Hide has different grades and qualities depending on the part of the animal from which its strongest parts are the back and shoulders, flanks parts are softer, and before the process leather hides are split into two layers the outer part is full grain or Nappa leather and inner is called split leather.

FULL-GRAIN OR NAPPA is durable, soft, flexible, and moisture-resistant. This means that it is ideal for all leather equipment and accessories where high levels of fingertip sensitivity and comfort are required.

SPLIT-GRAIN LEATHER It is also heat-resistant and available in many thicknesses. Split-grain leather is also ideal for fine-quality equipment and accessories meant for tougher jobs and where a good grip is required. Often used in dogs, horses, fitness, and boxing equipment and accessories due to its insulating properties, it is flexible despite its thickness.

COWHIDE is very strong and long-lasting equipment made of cowhide and is excellent safety at work even for handling hot objects.  GOAT LETHER is thin and very durable equipment of goat leather and is ideal for jobs where your job required fingertip sensitivity and easy movements of fingers.

SHEEP LEATHER is good for general use martial breathes and gloves become softer and more breathable with use.