Command 318 Full and Half Fingers EN 388:2016, 4144X + A1:2018 / EN ISO 21420:2020

Leather-reinforced palm gloves with a great fit are designed to provide both comfort and protection to the wearer. The reinforced palm of these gloves provides extra durability and protection against wear and tear, making them ideal for heavy-duty tasks.

The great fit of these gloves is achieved through careful attention to the design and construction of the glove, allowing the glove to conform to the shape of the wearer’s hand while also providing excellent resistance to punctures, cuts, and abrasions.

Half fingers version of these Gloves is designed to provide protection to the hands while allowing for greater dexterity and tactile sensitivity, allowing the wearer to handle small objects and perform tasks that require more precise finger movements. particularly useful in tasks that require fine motor skills, such as mechanics, carpentry, and gardening. The exposed fingertips allow the wearer to grip small tools and parts, manipulate screws and bolts, and perform other tasks that require a high degree of precision.

CE certified to  EN 388:2016, 4144X + A1:2018 / EN ISO 21420:2020
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  • Five fingers Made of black cow grain leather command 318 with and without fingertips half finger.
  • Reinforcement palm.
  • hook and loop fastener.
  • Kevlar stitched.
  • Available in all colors and sizes.
  • Usage:
    Protective gloves are used in Assembling, General works of all kinds packaging industry, construction automotive industry, transportation, general gardening assembling, naval steel industry, handling of sheets, aluminum industry, and farming climbing , rope handling, maniacal works.
  • EN Compliance: CE
  • EN 388:2016, 4144X + A1:2018 / EN ISO 21420:2020