Leather Impact Driver Glove

Leather cut-resistant impact gloves are a type of specialized gloves designed to provide protection against cuts, impacts, and other hazards in various industrial and construction settings. These gloves are typically made from high-quality leather and other materials to provide durability, cut-resistance, and impact protection.

The cut-resistant properties of these gloves are typically achieved through the use of materials such as Kevlar or other synthetic fibers that are woven into the glove’s fabric. This provides an additional layer of protection against cuts and punctures while still allowing for flexibility and dexterity.

In addition to cut-resistance, leather cut-resistant impact gloves also provide impact protection through the use of additional padding or reinforcement in areas such as the knuckles and palms. This helps to protect against injuries caused by impacts from tools or machinery.


  • Made with goat leather.
  • Also available in buffalo / cow leather.
  • Inside kevler glass fiber lining.
  • Impact protection on back.
  • Available in all color and sizes.
  • Usage:
    Multi purpose, assembling driving, maintenance and repairs,
    DIY needs and home improvements where impact protection
    Required on back of your fingers etc.
  • EN Compliance:
  • EN 388 : 2016, 2322X / EN 420: 2003+A1 : 2009

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Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Indigo, Light-Blue, Red, Yellow


Extra Large, Extra Small, Large, Medium, Small