Impact Leather Mechanics Gloves

Impact leather mechanics gloves are a type of work glove designed to provide protection to the hands from impact injuries while working with machinery and tools. These gloves typically feature reinforced padding on the back of the hand and fingers, which helps to absorb and distribute the force of impact, reducing the risk of injury.

In addition to their protective properties, impact leather mechanics gloves may also feature additional features such as a breathable back or adjustable wrist closure, which helps to keep the hands cool and comfortable during extended use.

Overall, impact leather mechanics gloves are a practical and reliable option for anyone who requires hand protection from impact injuries while working with machinery and tools. The combination of reinforced padding and high-quality leather construction ensures that these gloves provide both protection and comfort to the wearer.

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  • Cow leather palm with foam padding on palm.
  • Four way fabric on back and impact protection on back of the fingers.
  • Hook & loop closer with mac best logo.
  • Available in all color and sizes.
  • Usage:
    Multi purpose, material handling, landscaping, demolishing, forestry
    lumberyards, cable wire work maintenance and repairs, DIY needs and
    home improvements etc.
  • EN Compliance:
  • EN 388 : 2016, 2131X / EN 420: 2003+A1 : 2009

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