Welding Blanket

A leather welding blanket is a protective blanket made from heavy-duty leather that is used to shield surrounding areas from sparks, slag, and heat generated during welding. The blanket is typically placed over a surface or object that needs to be protected from damage or fire hazards.

Leather welding blankets are highly durable and resistant to high temperatures, making them suitable for use in a variety of welding applications. They are often used to protect nearby equipment, walls, and floors from damage caused by welding sparks and heat.

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  • Made of split leather.
  • Kevlar stitched with eyelets.
  • Size 1x2m, 1.8×1.8, 2.2X3.3
  • Available in all color and sizes.
  • Usage:
    Protection against grinding sparks and welding spatter.

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