Leather Welding Jackets

A leather welding jacket is a type of protective garment worn by welders to protect their upper body from sparks, spatter, and heat generated during welding. It is typically made from high-quality leather that is heat-resistant and durable.

Leather welding jackets are designed to provide complete coverage of the upper body and may have additional features such as snap or zipper closures, adjustable cuffs, and pockets for storing tools or other items. Some leather welding jackets may also have additional layers or padding in high-risk areas such as the shoulders and arms.

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  • Made with premium split leather.
  • Special design offers reduced weight and superior comfort.
  • Hook and loop closure, metal studs.
  • Adjustable cuffs and collar.
  • Available in all color and sizes.
  • Usage:
    Welders and for workers in the metallurgical
    & manufacturing industry protection against
    grinding sparks and welding spatter
  • EN Compliance:
    according to requirement of
    directive 89/686 / CEE, EN ISO 11611: 2015
    CLASS II A1+A2

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